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Get Tickets NOW – Albuquerque Luminaria Tour, (and my personal rant)

In our neighborhood, we put bags of sand with candles in them out by the street, up on the edge of the roof and down our walls on Christmas Eve. We light the candles at dusk. They are called Luminarias. It happens like this, on this night, all over New Mexico.

Some of my friends will argue with me that they are called farolitos. In the Spanish Dictionary a farolito is a small lantern. I guess these can be called lanterns.

Last December my sister visited us. She is from North Carolina. She kept calling them luminaries. That is not right, and I told her. She said…”that’s what they call them in North Carolina.” I don’t care. They have anglicized one of my favorite Christmas Holiday icons! Are they all hispanophobic or what? Is that even a word? It should be because I know these kind of people. I have other names for them too. And then… I saw it! A Google ad for “Luminaries.” I could not believe my eyes. I have to say it. WTF? Oh my – yes, it is certainly worth the fight to get it right.

Enough ranting. Back to business. I was watching the local news last night and they said there where only 1,500 tickets left for the Albuquerque Luminaria Tour. I always thought the tour was just in Old Town and The Country area, but it includes these areas and more. (Go here for a map). The tour happens only on Christmas Eve, so if this is something you were planing on, you had better get your tickets PRONTO!

Luminaria Tour Dates and Times
All tours depart from the Convention Center on schedule. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your tour time and park in the lot on the east side of the Center.

• 5:20 PM          • 5:45 PM
• 6:10 PM          • 6:50 PM
• 7:15 PM          • 7:40 PM

Cost – $7 per passenger
Children under 5 are FREE

(Photo of San Felipe De Neri Church in Old Town by Marble Street Studio, Albuquerque NM)

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