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Roadside Psychedelics and Stinkin’ Flowers

I have been keeping a photo chronicle of the flowers that grow here at our bed and breakfast in Albuquerque, so I thought it was time to inject them into this blog from time to time. Right now the Datura, (Datura inoxia), are blooming again, and they are providing quite a show in the evening. I have included a picture in this post of the elegant trumpet shaped white flower, but the real show is the video link I posted in May on You Tube, complete to the music of Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton, (The Calling – Supernatural). This flower grows wild all over the southwest US and Mexico, even along the freeway. I am not sure you can ever really get rid of one of these Datura if it is well established. They can appear anywhere there is dirt and they are most certainly a presence to be reckoned with. No wonder the Yaqui Indians, of Carlos Castaneda fame, revere them so much, beside those unique hallucinogenic properties. Supernatural!

The other flower to bloom the last few weeks is an indoor plant I have had for years. It is a Stapelia, (Stapelia gigantea – Carrion Plant,) with origins in Africa but mine is from down the street at my neighbors house. It can’t winter over outside here because of the frost. The plant is a creeping, non-offensive type cactus with very short, small spines on its edges. When the flower pod forms it looks like a very small conch shell, but it quickly expands to resemble something from Little Shop of Horrors. The first time one appeared on the cactus, (many years after we first transplanted it), we were expecting it to open up and say “Feed me!” Once opened the flower is a most unusual five pointed star that can be 10″ across. It feels like skin, is very hairy, has wine colored veins and stinks like rotting meat for a day or so. A truly unusual plant, to say the least. We call it “Audrey”.

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