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Flower and Moth

Last summer I bought my husband, Rol a video camera for his birthday. We never owned one before and it was a hit. About a month later he shot a lot of footage, (I guess its not called that anymore since nothing is on film, but what else?), of an every night spectacle at our B&B in the summer. Let me explain.

Here at Adobe Nido Bed and Breakfast we have a couple of Sacred Datura plants in our backyard. They are: (D. wrightii, aka Jimson Weed). The flowers last less than 24 hours, blooming at dusk when the temperature is just perfect. Some nights there are only a few blooms, and sometimes there are over 40 on one plant in one evening. They remain in the morning until the sun hits them. Then they wilt and are gone. I have to cut the flowers off the plant because they form these hideous thorny pods full of hallucinogenic seeds. It is not a good time, being a completely altered reality for about three days, depending on how many seeds are ingested. The substance in these seed has been, and probably still is, used by indigenous peoples for ceremony. Our neighbors dog got into these seeds and was really weird for many days. He was luck to survive. But the flowers are something to behold.

Along with the flowers comes a moth, (see video below). We have a love/hate relationship with these creatures, as the larvae is the dreaded hornworm, (Manduca sexta L), that can devour your tomato, potato, chili plant in one day. They eat anything in the “Nightshade” family, including tobacco, so they are certainly the source of much angst of tobacco growers. The moth, however, is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

This is the video that Rol shot in our Albuquerque bed and breakfast backyard. I procrastinated almost a year before I finally put this together. Please excuse the shakyness, but it is really cool and worth it!

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  1. fred says:

    We took the train thru ABQ in 2006 on the way to Flagstaff from Detroit. Wished we could have spent more time in ABQ.We will be talking about that trip for a long time. In our area I found a Datura plant growing in a plot in a coney island parking lot. The flowers opened at night and were light purple. The seed pods looked like these and were about 2″ x 1″ with long thorns. The people that worked there said the flowers did not smell good at all. I hope to tap your knowledge about the best things to do in your area in the near future. Enjoy! Fred.

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