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Books, Burgers and the Jemez

Fans of the Jemez should mark their calendars, iPhones or Blackberries for 3pm, this Sunday, July 26, to head on down to my favorite book store, Bookworks at 4022 Rio Grande Blvd, next to the Flying Star Cafe. The publishers of the Jemez Springs Newspaper, Kathleen Wiegner and Robert Borden, have written a book, The History of Jemez Springs and they will be introducing it to all with a slide show. I am excited about this book and am very sad to have to miss the slide show. I will try and send my hub, Rol.Jemez Springs Book

Rol’s father and step mom, Ray and Joann Dolk, owned and operated the infamous Los Ojos Saloon for years, as well as a small inn, the Amber Lodge, across the street. I have fond memories of the Los Ojos myself, for before I even met my husband I was traveling up there from my new home in Albuquerque for a hot time on Saturday night with the rest of my NJ implant friends. We loved it for the music and the pool tables.

The Los Ojos has changed a bit over the years, expanding and becoming a food and drinks destination in the Jemez. They still sell the Famous Jemez Burger, which my Mother-in-law invented back in the 70’s. MMMMM good. It really is famous – just google it and see!

Famous Jemez burgerAlthough Ray passed on and Joann sold the businesses years ago, we still have family in the Jemez. Rol’s step brother Terry Stright, (Joan’s son), has an inn built on the land Ray and Joanne purchased in these mountains many years ago. The Elk Mountain Lodge, is at the top of the hill in La Cueva on State Road 126, (the road to Fenton Lake State Park,
and the hard but scenic way to Cuba, NM). For a great stay in La Cueva go to the Elk Mountain Lodge, set in the tall pines and across the street from San Antonio Creek, where Terry’s brother Garth always hooks some trout! Fenton Lake is also a great place for fishermen. Terry knows all the other great spots in the Jemez and can guide you to a wonderful stay in some of the most scenic mountains in New Mexico. If you want to know more about the Jemez Mountains check out my previous post, Albuquerque calls it “The Jemez”.

I know the best things to do in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
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  1. Sherry Blessing (Kravetz) says:

    I worked at the Amber Lodge when I was 9 years old for 3-4 years in the 70’s. Joan taught me how to wait tables and clean rooms. At first I was the gofer and just ran errands for money. Eventually I was in the money making tips as a waitress. When the restaurant at the lodge burned I went to work at Los Ojos. There I cleaned and washed dishes. It was a blast. I learned to have a work ethic. I will be forever Thankful for the Dolks. If you see Garth, tell him Hello for me. I’m now married and have a 4 year old daughter and live near Dallas, Texas . We are going on vacation to Albuquerque next week and going to visit Jemez Springs. I’d love to find that Famous Jemez burger.I became a pro at cooking them when I was a child. It’s my home and where my mother Marjorie (Margie) Kravetz was layed to rest. Thanks for posting this. It means a lot to have something from your childhood remembered. I had a wonderful life there.
    Sherry Kravetz Blessing

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