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Old School New Mexico Postcards #1 – Roswell

A few years back I was researching cities in New Mexico when I came across quite a few old school style postcards from various cities in this state. They are all the large-letter style with pictures in each letter that are pertinent to the location. I thought I would share them and say a little about what they graphically portray. Here is the first oneĀ  – representing the City of Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell is in the southeastern part of New Mexico, and sits along the same Pecos River I mentioned in my post about Villanueva, and “The Pecos” in many Western movies. Roswell is where the Chihuahuan Desert meets the Southern Plains. None of the buildings or attractions on this postcard come close to portraying what it is most famous for today – extraterrestrials. I am sure that when this postcard was first printed, the only aliens were from south of the border, and no one had any idea that a tourist industry would be formed entirely around the possibility of visitors from beyond our solar system supposedly crashing a spaceship into a field outside of this town in 1947. Believers and non-believers alike have a real good time with this alien industry in Roswell.

The first building shown on this postcard is the New Mexico Military Institute – a high school/junior college that you may recognize from the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, as many of the on-base scenes were filmed at this campus. A famous graduate of NMMI is Roger Staubach, of Dallas Cowboys fame.

The mountain shown is the very picturesque Capitan Mountain, which is part of the Sacramento Range of the Southern Rockies in NM. The Capitans are famous for being the birthplace of Smokey the Bear. He was discovered in 1950 in the Capitan Mountains among the aftermath of a forest fire that left him burnt and orphaned.

One other thing I can name in these pictures is the body of water that I believe to be Bitter Lakes, now Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a place famous for it’s dragonflies and damselflies. They have more species of these pond dwellers at Bitter Lakes than anywhere else in the US. Included here are species from the Caribbean. How these Caribbean dragonflies got to the middle of the desert in New Mexico is as puzzling as the arrival of the aliens. Maybe they came together? They kind of have the same eyes, don’t they?

The rest of the pictures on the postcard elude me, and I can only hope a Roswell resident will find this post and fill us in. I couldn’t find anything about these others so I am assuming they may be gone.

Plan a visit to this area of New Mexico, and you will not be disappointed. Just don’t plan it as a day trip from Albuquerque. It is too long a drive for day tripping. I suggest a stay at our sister inn in nearby Artisia, the Heritage Inn. From the Heritage Inn in Artesia, NM you can visit Roswell and Carlsbad from the comfort of a great B&B.

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