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Albuquerque wants to be a Google Test Site

Albuquerque has formally put in a bid to become a test site/city for a Google experiment of ultra high speed internet. Google wants to create and see the results of a community’s use of ultra high speed fiber network. Gigabit speeds is what they will set up for the selected test site(s), as opposed to the megabit speeds most businesses and families are used to right now. They also want to make this service more affordable than the present services provided by Comcast and Qwest, so that more people will be involved and connected.Bring Google High Speed to Albuquerque

Our city is working with many local partners in order to make Google aware of what a perfect choice Albuquerque is, including the University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College, Sandia National Laboratories, Kirtland Air Force Base, the Albuquerque Public Schools and the Public Service Co. of New Mexico.

The impact of this will be huge to whatever community is chosen. More people being connected faster will change quality of life from the standpoints of education, health care and public safety. The faster the connection, the quicker the response times, and the higher the quality of connection. The rewards a community will reap are endless.

Besides our perfect size, strong community involvement, wide range of cultural, ethnic and social diversity and ABQs proven willingness to step into the future with already implemented FREE wireless internet capabilities, I have not found a mention yet of the huge draw Albuquerque has as a place seemingly void of natural disasters, which could really mess up this experiment if the wrong community is chosen. Someone needs to point that out to Google during a pitch.

From the standpoint of a small b&b, I can say that I would be happy to offer this service to my guests. Most of them, business guests and leisure guests alike, bring their computers to our b&b and use them a lot, be it to conduct business or to search out things to do in Albuquerque. They also use internet maps and directions, watch movies or missed tv programs, and/or upload their picture for friends and family. I do most of these things when I travel, and it is very frustrating to be slowed down by over use in one location such as a hotel. I have paid big money to stay at a Marriott or Hyatt hotel and feel very burnt up when I have to pay extra for internet and then can’t even get my work done because of their lousy connections and lack of bandwidth. How do you feel about it?

There are only four more days left to woo Google to choose Albuquerque for this exciting experiment. Help us win this exceptional chance at paving the future for everyone! Make Albuquerque the first Google Test Site for fiber community gigabit internet. Read more about how you can help at the Duke City Fix and the New Mexico Business Weekly. Join the GoogleQuerque page on Facebook.

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