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ALbuquerque’s Alibi readers like Adobe Nido!

Cover of an Issue of the Albuquerque weekly AlibiAlbuquerque’s best pulp source for local news and commentary is the Weekly Alibi. In fact, many of us, (including the Alibi themselves), feel it is Albuquerque’s only good newspaper, the only other pulp news source being a conservative shout box for the pompously uninformed, but I digress. I try not to get political on this venue, but I get carried away sometimes. Anyway…The Alibi wasn’t always called such, and it started so many years ago I have to go look it up. (I’ll be right back).

Starting out as the NuCity weekly in 1992, it later became the Weekly alibi in 1995 when threatened by a lawsuit over it’s name. The founders also started The Onion, but unlike the Onion’s parody format, The alibi is real news. Every year the alibi has a reader contest called the “Best of Burque”, and to be chosen for any category, (well…most categories, as there are some negative ones), is a much coveted thing among all businesses, traditional and alternative, in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

Weekly alibi Best of Burque logo by Jesse PhilipsAlbuquerque’s Best Bed and Breakfast has not been a Best of Burque category in the past. I seems they mean for it to be, but they forget to include it every year. However…we made it into this issue anyway because of the category “Best Anything We Forgot”. This is generally a write in category, but I’ll take it anyway. Someone wrote it in, and I like to think it was several people since we have had a great local following, including the creator of the Duke City Fix, (we were her first Albuquerque friends). There we are, first among three bed and breakfasts. Sooooo, seems we ARE Best of Burque’s Number One Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque, but you knew that, didn’t you! Hey, at least we weren’t voted Best Place for a Clandestine Meeting!

You can be an expert on Albuquerque too! Go see the Best of Burque issue online, or pick one up on the news stands if you are here in Burque this weekend.

I know the best things to read in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Expert on Destination Albuquerque and Central New Mexico!

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