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Barry’s Oasis – Greek and Mediterranean Food in Albuquerque

(Barry has retired to Vegas to play golf and the Oasis is now closed.)

We sent a couple of guests off to one of our favorite restaurants last night. They had such a fine meal they bought us back a gift certificate to thank us for the recommendation. Now I want to pass on the “feel good” to the chef and his fabulous restaurant, to thank them for treating our guests so well over the last few years. Thank you Barry’s Oasis! You’re all the bomb!

At Barry’s Oasis in Albuquerque, they create incredible Mediterranean food – including French, Italian, Spanish and their specialty – GREEK food. Richard has been a waiter at the Oasis for a long time…and if he can’t make you feel like you are special, nobody can. Barry’s daughter, Tammy, is equally as gracious and knows her dad’s menu well. Chef/Owner Barry will come visit with you at your table, and if he suggests something…say, a special of the day, he may appear to be a bit grumpy if you pick something else. Don’t let it worry you, because he’ll get over it! We feel it is all part of his charm and being a Jersey Girl, I never take it personal. The last time I ate at Barry’s Oasis I had the BEST lasagna I have ever had the pleasure of eating…a little different than the norm, and very, very good:

Lamb & Feta Lasagna – Ground lamb and feta cheese layered between flat pasta, covered with a marinara sauce…..$13.
My other favorites are:
Paella – The best paella in Albuquerque, a seafood combination (crab, shrimp, scallops, green lip mussels, fish fillet and chicken) served over a bed of saffron rice and vegetables…..$20.
Greek Steak – Filet seasoned in secret spices and grilled to perfection. Can’t be beat ANYWHERE…$24.
Lamb Saute – Lamb noisettes, sautéed in white wine & special herbs…..$19.

As you can see I am a big fan of lamb, but I assure you that Barry can create just about everything, including scrumptious vegetarian dishes. Check this out:
Moussaka – A Greek eggplant & cheese casserole surrounded by tomato sauce, topped with Bechamel sauce…..$10.00

I go to Barry’s for lamb because no one else in Albuquerque can even come close to doing lamb as well as Barry, or in such a variety of ways. Lamb is the Oasis House Specialty. My husband is a big fan of cow, and he would rather have a steak at the Oasis than most any other place, they are just that good.

Please check out his abbreviated menu online and get over to Barry’s Oasis asap to pick from the full menu of over 30 entrees! Maybe we’ll see you there.

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