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Hot in Albuquerque, Fiery Foods Show 2010

Where do all the Chiliheads go in March? To Albuquerque, New Mexico for the National Fiery Foods and Barbeque Show, of course! I don’t think they should be called Chiliheads any more, though. I think just plain Hot Heads is appropriate because chili isn’t the only hot food, and this show presents evidence to support this statement, for sure.

22nd Annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show
March 5-7, 2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico – Sandia Resort and Casino at I-25 and Tramway NE

If you like warmth on your palate and have never experienced the Fiery Foods Show you should put it on your short list of places to go and thing to do. Even after my 10+ years of experience at this show and other hot venues across the land I always walk away from this show with some must have new product that I can’t live without. Not all the products are food. Great books, clothing, decorator items – ANYTHING related to chili peppers – food smoking and bbq items can all be found at this hot annual show.

If you are in the food and hospitality industry I cannot stress enough the need for you to obtain a vendor pass and go on the Trade Day before the show opens to the general public. If you can’t do that and will be attending with the general public, go early!  The show is very popular and it really gets crowded. The exhibitor space has sold out for this 2010 show.

DO NOT bring your kids in a stroller. It will make you, the poor child and everyone around you very unhappy when people trip and fall over it and your child. This isn’t really any fun for kids anyway, so get a babysitter, come on out and really enjoy yourself.

DO look for the Pope of Peppers at the show. Dave Dewitt, the show founder, is one of the most knowledgeble people in the world on the subject of chili peppers.

If you are a REAL Chilihead, plan enough time to DO a trip to the Chili Pepper Institute, in Southern New Mexico. Here is my post about it.

DO get your tickets online. General public admission $10 in advance through Ticketmaster, $15 at the door; children to age 18, $5.

DO watch this NewMexicast video about the 21st Annual Fiery Food and BBQ Show.

NM0019 - Fiery Foods

We still have Adobe Nido’s Family Suite available during this event. Stay at our Albuquerque Bed and Breakfast. You can book it here. If you go to the show, come back here and post a comment about it.

I know the best things to do in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Expert on Destination Albuquerque and Central New Mexico!

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6 Responses to “Hot in Albuquerque, Fiery Foods Show 2010”

  1. Barbara Richards says:

    I think it’s just ridiculous that the rich get richer! $15 to get in the door? What happened to New Mexico’s tradition of preserving events like this that you can get into for free? I don’t get it and I will no longer support this event. As a society and in this economy how do you justify $15 a person? Let the public in for free and just see how much the vendors will make but to pay this amount I would be really conservative in order to buy anything. I’ve been in New Mexico for over 10 years and it is sad that the traditions of going to a wine festival for free or very little, a pow wow and/or anything else that makes New Mexico what it is that natives and/or locals once enjoyed are now being gouged for entrance fees. I think as a community we should not support this and voice our concern by just no longer attending. Possibly the prices will come down but until then the founder of this event just continues to get richer. Not on my dollar. I’m no longer attending this event or anything event for that matter that charges these outrageous amounts to get in. I’ve boycotted the ABQ Fair. Attendance is down. I’m doing the same with this event in hopes that the head count tapers down.

    • adobenido says:

      Hi Barbara. I hear what you are saying. Seems like the price of all events are going up up, up every year. I wanted to attend a concert at Tingley, but the price of $90+ per ticket scared me off. But as a business owner, My profit (my paycheck) is less and less every year because of rising food, gas, utilities…you name it. Nothing is going down at all. The people who run the Fiery Food Show, unlike the State Fair which is run by the State of NM, are just one couple who make living of this ONE show per year. They are not rich people, are not price gouging, and are faced with the same price increases we all have to face, all the time. Boycott it if you will. I understand. But why would anyone throw an event of this magnitude and popularity – for free? Who has that kind of wealth? If I did I’d be throwing it into education and healthcare, not festivals. I have lived in New Mexico for 34 years now, and I never remember any of these events you mention being free.

      What makes you think that the founder of this event is wealthy? I know him, and he’s not. I also know the founder/owner of the Albuquerque Home and Garden Show. She is not a wealthy woman either. They are just regular folks trying to make a living.

  2. Joe says:

    The public doesn’t follow the advice of “Do not bring your children in strollers”. Those strollers are used like weapons, making for a bad experience.

  3. Tom says:

    One thing– Advance tickets through Ticketmaster are $14.55, not $10. Each ticket sold through Ticketmaster incurs a $4.55 ‘convenience fee’ plus other fees if you want your tickets in any other way than will call. Kind of defeats the purpose of advance ticket sales.

    • adobenido says:

      I agree, the service fee is appalling, but buying online at least negates waiting in that long line at the door.

    • Barbara Richards says:

      Hey Tom? I have a great idea. Instead of complaining about the price of this event every year? Why not just quit going? $15 for an entrance fee is ridiculous. No event is worth that. I don’t care if it’s the “best in the world.” I highly doubt that claim is true but still. Let the tourists from out of state be gouged but as a local? I’m staying away from this. I refuse to support our traditions in New Mexico getting out of control. In this economy I cannot believe that people support this. If anything? This event should honor the hardships and do a two for one or just reduce the price to $5 bucks across the board. The vendors are the ones to suffer.

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