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Farewell to Risa – Another great B&B dog goes home

Earlier this year we lost our beloved Mini – our border collie/pit bull cross who was a most excellent ambassador at Adobe Nido Bed and Breakfast. Mini was an old gal and had gotten pretty arthritic, so her passing, although sad, was a blessing. She is very missed by us and our regular guests who knew what a great dog she was. Now we have lost another great dog, but this time it is a really hard pill to swallow for us because Risa was not even three years old and had not been sick a day in her life.

Our pudgy chihuahua Risa passed on last Tuesday at the emergency vet clinic in the wee hours of the morning. Her demise was caused by an awful blood disorder that no one can figure what triggered. Essentially, her red blood cells were disappearing and her platelets went from a normal 200,000 to 5,000, and with no clotting agents in her blood, she bled to death internally. Such a shock, such a shame, and really no warning. It was diagnosed as auto immune hemolytic anemia. Anything classed auto immune usually means they don’t know the whys. They don’t know why her blood attacked itself or what caused it. Sounds like an episode of House, doesn’t it. Too bad we didn’t get the usual House outcome of Dr. House saving the patient against all odds.

Risa was so loved by our friends and guests. She was one of the most endearing dogs you could ever meet. Upon entering the b&b she would stand on her back legs and wave her front paws. She wasn’t a barker, but would pester for a scratch or head rub. She was a terrible beggar, but begged only from my husband, Rol, because he always gave in. She never begged from our guests at breakfast and had the discipline to watch breakfast happening from afar, sitting on the stairs and watching through a window. Some guests were not so well disciplined and would let Risa into their room for snacks and naps. This was definitely discouraged but Risa could spot a sucker for dogs a mile away and would usually win everyone over. Even people who were not particularly fond of dogs loved Risa. While she wouldn’t come to members of our family when called, just a little stubborn), she always responded to a guest¬† by trotting up close quickly with love and wags.

Risa just showed up at our front door in the dark, very early in the morning on May 8, 2008. She was scared, cold and only 4 months old. Oddly, she smelled like a Mexican Restaurant and had latex paint on her front paws. Adorable. My husband was immediately emamored. We contacted all the proper places, the dog pound, the Animal Humane Society and we waited two weeks for a response. Sure a dog this cute was loved and missed by someone. Nope. After that time I figured she was ours and took her in for all the proper shots, spaying, micro chip…the works.

If I had to do it all over again – take in and fall in love with this wonderful animal just to loose her to a horrible disease in less than three years – I would, in a NY minute. She was worth every bit of the time we had together.

We are looking at getting another Chihuahua¬† or Chihuahua cross in the next few weeks, as Risa’s friend who also lives here, Lady, is missing her friend dearly and wants a playmate. We have filled out an adoption application with Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue here in Albuquerque, but can’t decide where to go from here. A puppy? A older dog? Looking like Risa or very different. I don’t know what will happen, but we have always had dogs, and always been a dog lover bed and breakfast, so I am sure there is another little soul out there in our future. God bless Risa, and I hope she found Mini, Shasta, Bob and Missy on the other side. I’m sure she did.


6 Responses to “Farewell to Risa – Another great B&B dog goes home”

  1. Tracy says:

    Dang, I am so sorry about Risa. That was so sudden. I’ll call you later…dang

  2. Shellie Anne says:

    I am so sorry to hear this, we sure love our pets! They are a part of us. B&B Dogs are blessings to all they meet, their reward is at the big dog park in the sky!

  3. Mare, Maureen, Rosie & Lilly says:

    Hey Sara and Rol,

    We are all heartbroken. Risa will always be in our hearts. Big hugs to you guys. Heaven is very lucky to have Risa. MMRL

  4. Don & Holly Blake says:

    Dear Sarah and Rol. We are so sad for you and the loss of Risa. She was just Amazing and every day when we opened the door to our room or came back from sight seeing she would always either run in wagging her tail or meet us and follow us around just smiling and happy as could be. She was such a delight to be around and have as part of our Vacation. We have some pics and Great Memories. We still talk about her to this day. Please accept our condolences. Thank you for having her around, it could not have been a better Vacation. We hope to come back soon.
    please take care.

    Sincerely Don & Holly Blake, Dan & Alisha. Quaker Hill,Ct

  5. Sandra Stark says:

    Oh, oh, oh. How sad. We lost a beloved cat to cancer very young. This is devastating. Give Rol many big hugs for us; he’ll need them. Shedding a few tears now for the little sweetheart.

  6. Karen Thorne says:

    So sorry to hear of Risa’s passing and her short life – weeping a few tears for you over here in England. I’ve been through it and know how awful it can be. Every good B&B needs a good B&B dog or two.
    Sounds like she had a wonderful time whilst she was with you.

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