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Green Chili Cheese Burger – An New Mexico MUST do!

Green Chili Burgers, for some here in Albuquerque, can be a religious experience. At very least, everyone has an opinion of where to find the best Chili Burger. I think I create the best Chili Burger of course, but they are not available commercially and this isn’t about me. I’m not writing just another Green Chili Cheeseburger post, (you can read up on this New Mexico delicacy in my previous post, and get MY recipe), but rather –  I am needing to tell all you food lovers and chiliheads out there that New Mexico takes it’s own invention, a burger with chili on it, very, very seriously – so seriously that our state Tourism Department has created the New Mexico Green Chili Cheeseburger Trail. Personally, I think it should be called the Chili Cheeseburger Trail – in deference to those of us who prefer red chili on our burgers, but no one from that Tourism department asked for my opinion. Too bad for them.

A Green Chili Cheeseburger has to have:
bun or tortilla – ground beef patty – any type of cheese – green chili. You can have any other kind of garnish, but the more popular ones are, tomato, onion, lettuce, avocado, and even black olives as on the Famous Jemez Burger. You may see variations, like a portabella mushroom or veggie patty in place of the beef patty, but I think that is just sacrilege. Just NOT right.

Getting back to the opinions on Green Chili Cheeseburgers, everyone has their favorites, all over the state. Blakes Lotta Burger ManSome of the burger havens are hole-in-the-walls, like the Monte Carlo Steakhouse, behind a liquor store on Albuquerque’s west Central Ave, (Rt 66), and Home of the Laguna Burger inside a mini supermarket on the Pueblo of Laguna, near Grants. Some Chili cheeseburger haunts are local chains, like Bob’s Burgers and Blake’s Lotta Burger, New Mexico Favorites – never pre-made – fast food joints. Every New Mexican Food restaurant has a green chili burger on the menu, without exception, and even national chains like Wendy’s, Burger King and Mickey D’s has green chili as a side order. It is an unwritten law in the Land of Enchantment.

Every year during our New Mexico State Fair there is a burger cook off (the Governor’s Green Chili Cheeseburger Challenge) so if you are in town during the State Fair, that is a fun thing to do. But no matter when you come to New Mexico or what part of the state you are visiting, you can enjoy the state’s most famous culinary delight. The map below will show that I’m not kidding about the whole state serving up the Green Chili Cheeseburgers, because if a road goes there – there will be a green Chili burger when you get there, no matter where you end up (as long as there are people there). A click on the map below will take you to the State’s full size interactive map and downloadable files. You may also find the list of nominees of all the best burger joints New Mexico has to offer up. Muy Bueno!!!

If you are staying with us at our Albuquerque Bed and Breakfast, we will be happy to print these for you when you arrive. If you come to New Mexico and don’t have a chili burger tyou will be missing out on a true New Mexico Experience. Happy Trails to You!

I know the best things to do in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Expert on Destination Albuquerque and Central New Mexico!

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9 Responses to “Green Chili Cheese Burger – An New Mexico MUST do!”

  1. Margaret says:

    I really, really, really, would like to have the green chili burger poster I see in many restaurants. Seems the tourism bureau does not have them. Do you know where I could find one, buy one, etc…

    Thank you for your help.

  2. Doug Burch says:

    I am trying to find out where I can get a nm green chili cheeseburger trail poster…….

    • adobenido says:

      I’ve looked everywhere, and there are none for sale. Pity. The state’s tourism budget is a pittance and this just may have been a money maker for them if they had any sense.

  3. Laura says:

    I am the marketer for Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club and I am wanting to know how we can nominate our Green Chile Cheese Burger from our restaurant.

    If you could please get back to me that would be great!

    (505) 975-3181

  4. adobenido says:

    We have a great place nearby called the “Little Red Burger”. I LOVE their red chili burgers on a tortilla. Let’s go!

  5. Jackie says:

    great blog Sarah – I watch this stuff on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’ but I liked reading it from a “local” point of view! Keep it up – you were made for this!

    • adobenido says:

      That means a lot to me, Jackie. So…when do you want to go to lunch and do a GCB!! You got my number!

  6. Tom Volpe says:

    My mouth is watering! I want to do the green chilli cheeseburger trail! I’m with you on the red chilli too.

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