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Medical Marijuana in New Mexico

A couple of years ago New Mexico voters decided Medical Marijuana was not such a bad thing. After it was made law it took our state over a year to come up with the rules of the game, like where would it come from, who would dispense it…you know…the small stuff. Well, now that those bits and pieces, (seeds and stems?) have been worked out here comes another idea. Let’s tax the heck out of it!

NM Medical Marijuana articleNew Mexico is in budget deficit, like many stated during these hard economic times, and out Legislators are banding their pretty little Democratic and Republican heads against their desks trying to get a new and balance budget without cutting too many programs. New Mexican have always been dependent on public programs, being 45th in income per capita, up from 48 a few years back. We are 43rd in median household income (2008) at $43,508. The figures for 2009 are yet to be determined but we have been rising steadily.

Our Legislature is getting creative on finding new things to tax, and it was proposed this week that we should tax medical marijuana at a rate of 25%. This is crazy, in my opinion and I want to know who exactly is smoking dope in Santa Fe? There aren’t enough people buying the mm for one thing, and the ones that do are usually so bad off they are the last ones able to afford such a hearty tax. Or – maybe we can pass the tax on to the drug companies so they can raise my rates even more. The mm users will just go back to the streets for it because the street price will be better, or more of them will grow their own, since the are legally able to do it.

No matter where you stand on this issue, you must admit the author of this article in the Albuquerque Journal sure has a sense of humor. The headline is great, and the lead in paragraph reads:
Santa Fe – A proposal to levy a tax on New Mexico’s fledgling medical marijuana industry went up in smoke late Friday afternoon.

Cheech and Chong should be proud!

If they would make it legal for everyone, and tax the heck out of it like cigarettes and liquor, then they would be bringing in some big bud bucks.

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