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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta ROCKS mid-week!

We still have mid-week rooms available during the Balloon Fiesta at our Albuquerque bed and breakfast. Coming to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta mid-week is a great opportunity to see popular events and beat the larger weekend crowds. If you can make it to the Fiesta on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – please get on over to our reservation page and hurry up!

Below is the official Balloon Fiesta schedule for Monday, Oct 3, 2011 through Thursday, October 6, 2011. Even if there isn’t a scheduled Mass Ascension on the day you want, balloons go up every morning in mass, and it is a phenomenal sight. Additionally, if the weather was bad the days previous, the schedule will often change to add events that had been cancelled on the bad weather days.

The Dawn Patrol happens every morning of Balloon Fiesta (weather permitting), and is a very moving scene. It is the only time you will see balloons actually flying in the dark. (You can see them “glow in the dark” at the evening glows, but they don’t take off.) The Dawn Patrol Balloons lift off right before dawn, and are the “test balloons” that all the other balloon pilots rely on for wind speed and direction at various altitudes. While it started out as a safety feature, it is now a sight to behold and is a regular feature at the Balloon Fiesta ever since 1996!

Don’t give up…the Balloon Fiesta rocks during the week as well as on the weekends. There is just more room to breathe!

Monday October 3 – Morning Session
5:45 – Dawn Patrol
7:00 -Flying Competition – Sandia Resort & Casino $100,000 Challenge

Tuesday October 4 – Morning Session
5:45 – Dawn Patrol
7:00 – Flying Competition – Sandia Resort & Casino $100,000 Challenge

Wednesday October 5 – Morning Session
5:45 – Dawn Patrol Show, presented by Route 66 Casino Hotel
6:30 – Krispy Kreme Morning Glow
7:00 – Flight of the Nations Mass Ascension Flying Competition

Thursday October 6 – Morning Session
5:45 – Dawn Patrol
7:00 – Special Shape Rodeo™
8:00 – Flying Competition – Sandia Resort & Casino $100,000 Challenge & Prize Grab

Evening Session
 – Special Shape Glowdeo™
8:00 – *AfterGlow™Fireworks Show, presented by Albuquerque Journal

Don’t pass up on an opportunity to visit Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta just because you can’t find lodging on the weekends. Mid-week is better all around, less crowds and the restaurant lines aren’t that long, not to mention there may actually be a car left in town to rent during the week.

For more information about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, like Park and Ride, and to get event tickets visit their Official website.

I know the best things to do in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Expert on Destination Albuquerque and Central New Mexico!

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  1. Ken Carson says:

    The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is the premier event to attend in Albuquerque. Easily one of the most photographed events in the world, I’ve watched it my entire life since it’s inception. What a great signature event for the city of Albuquerque to have as it’s own.

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