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Weekend Rail Runner Service is Back!

Good news to share, and I apologize for not telling you all sooner. It looks like the New Mexico Rail Runner weekend service is back on again. Yaaa Hooo. A month and a half before the weekend service was scheduled to be off the schedule, the Rio Grande Metro Regional Transit District Board, (Isn’t that a mouth full?), rescinded the decision they voted in favor of last month that was to cancel the NM Rail Runner weekend service because of the imminent shortfalls in budget for the upcoming year.

The New Mexico Rail Runner WILL be running on the weekends!

This reversal of decision was said to be due to the public comments from folks wanting to keep the weekend schedule, and I like to think my comments were part of that. Hell…I’m the public too, right? And my post made the first page of Google! Musta been a slow news day.

“The Board responded to the numerous public comments from people who wanted to keep weekend Rail Runner service in tact”, said Steve Shaw, Chairman of the Rio Metro Board. “While weekday train service will always be the main mission for the Rail Runner, we see the importance of weekend service as it relates to tourism and economic vitality in New Mexico.”


Darn right Steve. My guests LOVE taking the train to Santa Fe. That way we get to keep the lodging dollars in Albuquerque and share some of the shopping dollars with Fanta Se. (Not a typo…say it out loud. It’s an endearing term we have ’round here for the “City Different”).

I wonder why there wasn’t more public input from the start, but no matter –  we have the weekend train to Santa Fe back on line, and that is something to be happy about. There will be some minor changes to the weekday schedule on the first runs of the day and last runs in the evening. Here is what they decided as far as modification of the weekend runs.

Weekend Rail Runner Service Changes
•    During the winter months, Saturday Rail Runner service will be reduced to the equivalent of current Sunday service: two northbound runs and two southbound runs.
•    Other minor schedule adjustments will be made to accommodate the soon-to-open Sandia Pueblo Rail Runner Station, and potentially Montano and Zia Rail Runner Stations.

The new schedules will be posted on the Rail Runner website by mid August. Read the most current New Mexico Raoil Runner news here on their news page. What is a little scary is that despite the imminent budget shortfall, nothing was mentioned about where the money to keep this all going is coming from. No one at the state is offering to step up. A few positions have been created to study the situation make recommendations. That always cracks me up –  we have no money, so lets hire some people to decide where to get more money from. Huh? Hire more with what?

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