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New Mexico Video, a Great New Web Venue!

I met with some great ladies this weekend, and they have started a video company dedicated to New Mexico, its people, businesses, culture, attractions, recreation and more. This is very good news for people planning a trip to the Land of Enchantment.

New Mexico Video is not only an experienced video production company, but they are also an online venue for anyone to promote their videos having to do with New Mexico. Their website is an awesome way to explore the state before you get here. You may view and glean through the venues that whet your interest. Assistance for what YOU want to see and do is my primary goal in this blog, so it was fitting that New Mexico Video and I found each other. Really – they found me.

This is great opportunity for travelers.  New Mexico Video’s website is right there for you, delivering New Mexico to you online –  what a fantastic tool. Explore the cultural diversity that New Mexico offers you before you get here, because New Mexico is a huge state that can’t really be covered in one trip, unless you have lots and lots of time.  I can’t count the number of guests we have had stay here at our Albuquerque Bed and Breakfast that will think a trek down to Carlsbad Caverns is a day trip from Albuquerque, and they are astonished to hear it’s a five hour drive, one way. You must choose wisely, grasshopper, because you don’t want to spend your whole trip driving from one end of the state to the other. See what strikes your fancy the most and plan accordingly.

Here is another trip tip…so often our guests will fly into Albuquerque and head right up north to Santa Fe and Taos, because that is what they know, or have heard about. I’m not knocking those places but they are not always the quintessential New Mexico experience, and certainly not the path less traveled because there will be tourists everywhere, and prices can be a lot higher on everything – lodging, art, restaurants – than in other parts of the state.

Hot Air Balloon artistic photoNew Mexico is a very old place full of history and culture. There are many Pueblos to visit. There are ruins and cave dwellings at both ends of the state and in the middle too. See if you really want to go up in a hot air balloon. Think about a visit to Lincoln County to see the best preserved town of the Old West, Billy the Kid’s stomping grounds AND Smokey the Bear, or visit Silver City and the Gila Wilderness area for art, culture and ancient history. Get your kicks on Route 66, which runs from east to west right through New Mexico. The list can go on and on,  (and so can I), so go explore New Mexico before you get here at newmexicovideo.com.

I know the best things to do in Albuquerque!
Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Expert on Destination Albuquerque and Central New Mexico!

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