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All Stevia Sweeteners are NOT alike

I bought a stevia sugar substitute sweetener for my Albuquerque bed and breakfast guests last summer at our local food co-op, La Montanita. I thought it was rather expensive, but what the heck. We have only had a few guests use it, so it lasted quite a while. This fall I needed to replace my stock and bought another box at the co-op. It’s still pricey at $4.50 for 35 packets, but that’s ok. I’m supporting the co-op – a good thing, and giving my guests a better alternative – another good thing.

A guest has talked me into leaving the Splenda and Sweet n Low behind to try a more natural solution, so I tried the SweetLeaf stevia sweetener we had on hand and it’s pretty darn good. No problem switching at all! I do have honey bees in the back yard, and love our raw honey, but not in my coffee -and coffee, not tea, is my poison of choice in the morning…sometimes afternoon…sometimes evening,  so SweetLeaf it is.

My husband was at Costco and saw another brand  of stevia sweetener available in a larger size for a lot less money than the SweetLeaf. It was called Pure Via and was only $8+ dollars for hundreds of them. “Don’t buy it until I’m out of the other stuff”, I told him. Thankfully I didn’t have to buy it. A local friend who bought some Pure Via at Costco gave me a huge zip lock bag of it.  I gave it a try, the first time in a cup of coffee I made in the Keurig. We’d been having a little trouble with the old Keurig and I was ready to blame it for the horrible coffee I just made.  I dumped it down the drain. My husband said it was probably not the Keurig, but rather the sweetener, (Pure Via), because he could smell it from across the table. YUCK! He was right. I made the next cup with the SweatLeaf and it was more than fine – it was great.

I have not yet tried the brand being advertised on the TV lately and can’t even remember the name of it, but from this experience I can say that all stevia products are NOT alike, and I will be staying away from Pure Via. It tastes awful, to me. I’m not the wizard of sweeteners, especially stevia. Pure Via may be fine for some people, but if that is the first brand of stevia you’ve tried and you didn’t like it – try something else.

SweetLeaf – 100% Natural Stevia sweetener. Ingredients: Inulin Soluble Vegetable Fiber, Stevia Extract

Pure Via – Made from Pure Stevia Extract. Ingredients: Dextrose, Reb A (Stevia Extract), Cellulose Powder, Natural Flavors

You can see the difference in the ingredients and taste the flavor too. And I ask myself…”Why add natural flavors & cellulose powder?” I don’t know which of those Pure Via ingredients tastes and smells so awful, but it does.

SweetLeaf IS a superior product. The Pure Vida is in the trash. How can they sell something that tastes so bad? Thank GOD none of my Adobe Nido B&B guests had a chance to use it.

Update! We are now using Stevia in the Raw – and it is a fantastic product! Our guests love it, it costs much less than SweetLeaf, and it’s easier to find. From the maker of Sugar in the Raw. I will also caution readers that when researching stevia, (or any other product), beware of words like “may cause”, “could be”, and also realize that lab animals are fed extremely large quantities of any item during testing, in order to get a negative result. Example – if lab rats are fed large quantities of cows milk they will eventually end up with serious issues in so many areas. Got Milk?

19 Responses to “All Stevia Sweeteners are NOT alike”

  1. Alexis Rohrer says:

    Hi there. I have been doing some research as well. Stevia in the Raw: Dextrose is listed as an ingredient on the Stevia In The Raw single serving packet and maltodextrin is listed on the bulk Baker’s Bag. What are these? Both dextrose and maltodextrin are natural carbohydrates derived from corn. Just thought you might like to know, the sweet leaf is a safer more pure choice.

  2. Bernie Colling says:

    I work for a company here in Phoenix, Arizona and we manufacture USDA Certified Organic and Kosher stevia, and it is available in many different flavors. Ours does not have any dextrose in it.

    • Debbie Whitlock says:

      So…what brand is this stevia that is made in Phoenix, AZ called? Where can we find it?

  3. Terri says:

    Which Stevia is not sourced from China ?. Terri

  4. Terri says:

    what brands of stevia are not from a China source?? Terri

  5. Beebop65 says:

    I tried the Truvia product when I wanted to switch to a healthier product. Within a few days I started having terrible hot flashes. I thought perhaps menopause but hot flashes that came on overnight and every hour and a half. It took me a week to realize the Truvia was the culprit and immediately stopped using it. It took 4 days for the hot flashes to go away but I’m back. I was only using 2 packets in my coffee in the morning. I have switched to Sweetleaf and haven’t had any problems.

  6. JS says:

    I beg to differ: Both forms of STEVIA IN THH RAW contain chemical additives, DEXTROSE in the packets, MALTODEXTRIN in the bag.

    The most natural form of Stevia is one with nothing else added (Try KAL powder jar) or just Inulin (the best you can get in a packet form).

    • adobenido says:

      Thanks for that info! I’ll try it. I wrote this post e a while back and there certainly are many more alternatives now. Stevia in the Raw was reccommended to me by a woman who has some very odd/unusual illnesses that are aggravated by artificial sweeteners, and Stevia in the raw works for her. That’s how I ended up there. I will read up more on dextrose.

    • Sammie says:

      Unfortunately KAL is now putting Maltodextrin in their product. I was very upset as this is the stevia I have used for years because it was pure stevia. We’ll not anymore, there are still a few bottles out there without this awful ingredient, but not many. It is also made now in China which really makes me worry about its origins.

    • adobenido says:

      China? That certainly IS discouraging.

  7. Jade says:

    Just a heads-up. Stevia in the Raw is just like the other stevia-ish products, in that it contains dextrose. Go back to SweetLeaf — yes, its more expensive, but actually good for you, unlike Stevia in the Raw masquerading as stevia.

  8. wawura says:

    Aside from price and taste, all sweeteners are not equal in health benefits or toxicity. Check your Stevia products for “natural flavors” and other additives; most likely some euphemism for dextrose or maltodextrose or other sweetener derived from GMO corn!!!

  9. Diana S says:

    Purevia, Truvia and friends… products are made with only 2% of Stevia extract. The others 98 % are just cheap artificial additives.

    Try Pure Stevia Extract Powder
    It is 350 times sweeter than sugar (100 % Rebaudioside A 98).
    It is the highest purity of stevia extract
    No filler No additive and with a great taste.

    Check out Stevia City Online Store Free Shipping to UK US Canada Europe and more

  10. Diana S says:

    Purevia, Truvia and friends… products are made with only 2% of Stevia extract. The others 98 % are just cheap artificial additives.

    Try Pure Stevia Extract Powder
    It is 350 times sweeter than sugar (100 % Rebaudioside A 98).
    It is the highest purity of stevia extract
    No filler No additive and with a great taste.

    Check out Stevia City Online Store Free Shipping to UK US Canada Europe and more

  11. Suzee says:

    I had the identical experience as ACC. I tried the Pure Via because it was on sale. It destroyed my morning coffee. I cannot believe how gross this stuff is. Later that afternoon I felt really bloated and researched Pure Via, that was one of the side effects from the sugar alcohols in it. What a waste of money.

  12. Angie says:

    I like Truvia. I tried that Pure Via crap one time because it was on sale at Sprouts and I wound up taking it back after trying two packets. It was so nasty! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

  13. Regev Elya says:

    I grow Stevia in my garden, and although it’s pretty tough to make it grow in our climates here in the middle east, I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for the post! I also wrote a big post about Stevia in my website – http://freshbeetle.com/stevia-side-effects-benefits/

    Feel free to check it out 😉

  14. oscar rodes says:

    Yes, all stevias are not equal, and you should be able to taste them for free. At least is what we offer to all customers who would like to taste our stevia before actually buying it, Just e-mail your address and we will ship to you several packets of our Stevita Supreme, entirely free, for you and your family to try.
    E-mail your info to anabelle@stevitastevia.com.

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