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See “Earth from Space” in Albuquerque

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, (aka the National Atomic Museum) is hosting a traveling show of “out of this world” images. The exhibit made its debut at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, and the show is called “Earth from Space: A View from Above”. Whether you love science or art, you don’t want to miss this show, folks.A vier of earth from space

These are not your typical Google Earth images, folks. Oh, no, not even close. The exhibition features a series of 20 high resolution poster images that picture areas from all over the globe, from space. The images were selected from a collection of over 300 images, and they often look like Op Art from the late 1960s. Cities, mountains, rivers and more may be viewed as seen from space and collected by various satellites over several decades. The exhibition tells how the images were collected and how to best use this graphic information to better all life on our blue planet.

ancient lava flow in NM from spaceAn area of New Mexico made it into this 20 image series. The image area shown is about 60+ miles west of Albuquerque near McCarty, NM and features the lava flow, also known here in New Mexico as El Malpais (bad country). It is a God forsaken landscape best left alone for the rattlesnakes, glass-like bubbles you can fall into never to be found, lack of water, disorienting heat and glaring sun parched earth. However, from space it is quite beautiful and intriguing.

The Earth from Space Exhibit is available for viewing daily in Albuquerque, starting February 2 through April 28, 2013. Admission to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is $8 for Adults, and $7 for children, students and seniors. Not to be missed!

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