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Sleeping in a Tree, Down by the River

This weekend a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook that she took while walking down by the Rio Grande. Her photos were really good and I share them here. The words she used for the post inspired another friend to comment that it sounded like a campfire song. I agreed, and having had an encounter of the third kind with the same creature, I wrote my friend a song. It’s a true story, but later.

IMG_1037Now, I’m no songwriter, by any stretch, so there is no melody yet. Maybe someone will feel moved to put some music to it. It’s just some fun.

What does this have to do with our bed and breakfast and/or Albuquerque, one might ask. Well, it’s all about the creature we encountered and where it lives, which is very close by in Albuquerque’s *bosque.

Just two and a half miles from Adobe Nido is a wonderful woodland that surrounds the Rio Grande. This is where you’ll find the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, over 400 acres of nature preserve that makes you feel so secluded from the city that it’s almost laughable. It will, at very least, make you smile and relax. The city is no where in sight, and you’re right in the center of it.

The Albuquerque bosque offers everyone an easy walk down to the river as well as 17 miles of biking, blading, walking and running trails. It’s a birder paradise too, and yes – this time of year you’ll see porcupines sleeping in the trees. Here’s my song, and the first two lines are what Erin wrote in her Facebook post to start my madness.

Porcupine in a treeSleeping in a Tree, Down by the River

I saw a porcupine way up in a tree,
this morning down by the river
The sun was shining warm on me,
but the cold air made me shiver

I remember you in our yard one night,
rain misting ’round your quills,
Curled up in a ball you gave me a fright,
it made my heart stand still

Oh porcupine, oh porcupine, is it a lonely life?
Up in the trees, in a cold, cold breeze, how will you find a wife?

Porcupine close up, in a treeNot having seen your kind or smell,
our dog walked up to sniff
“No Mini, get inside” we yelled,
and she barely got a whiff

When Mini went inside the house,
we heard her sneeze and wheeze
Four quills, we found, had pierced her nose,
she asked “remove them, please?

Oh porcupine, oh porcupine, is it a lonely life?
Up in the trees, in a cold, cold breeze, how will you find a wife?

We saved the quills you left behind,
when into the night you sauntered
tree damaged by porcupineWe taped them to the office door,
and left them there to ponder…

why God created one so dear,
so odd, so slow, yet dangerous
So meek and docile and yet feared,
A lonely life, it seems to us

Oh porcupine, oh porcupine, is it a lonely life?
Up there in the trees, do you ever sneeze? I hope you find a wife?
*Bosque is the name for areas of gallery forest found along the riparian flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States. It’s  the Spanish word for woodlands.

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    Sleeping in a tree, (not a van) down by the River | Albuquerque Innsights

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